Safe & Eco-Friendly Repairs
Responsible Repairs

We promise to provide a clean, safe, and eco-friendly environment at all of our locations and do so by providing the following practices:

  • We use water-borne paint products to limit the impact our practices have on the environment and ensure we are providing our employees with a safe working environment.
  • All of our employees are trained in WHMIS so they are aware of how to properly read chemical labels and how to safely handle the products they deal with on a daily basis.
  • We require all body technicians to wear steel toed boots, protective coveralls, ear plugs and safety goggles
  • We require all paint technicians to wear steel toed boots, protective paint suits, ear plugs, fresh air masks and safety goggles
  • Our Health & Safety Committee completes monthly walk-around inspections of the shop and equipment; the committee meets monthly to address any health or safety concerns
  • We recycle all solvents and paint products
  • We recycle all sheet metal, cardboard products, plastics, etc.